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In a changing world, Bitcoin is the future of money.   Bitcoin.gold, acclimated as "The Bitcoin Gold Exchange." 

Our service is very simple.  The Bitcoin Gold Exchange allows our customers to redeem Bitcoin for physical gold; and vice versa.  Bitcoin.gold is the only physical gold source provider for Bitcoin.  Our product is a vital component to have in your trading war chest.  Register with us today to receive VIP member benefits (limited time only).

Our services combines Bitcoin and physical gold into one liquid exchange marketplace. 

Investor information is strictly kept confidential and trades are guaranteed to be executed at the stated price via delivered price confirmation at time of trade.   

Bitcoin.gold, your key to unlock Bitcoin now!

Services we offer

Our exchange offers a marketplace to redeem Bitcoin (BTC) for physical gold, and vice versa.   Bitcoin.gold, the Bitcoin Gold Exchange, offers your ONLY place to redeem your Bitcoin for gold.

Delivery of physical gold is guaranteed and is fully insured, FOB Destination, 100% risk free for our customers.

Specialty leverage and staking for Bitcoin and gold are available for private clients.  This is very similar to NEXO's crypto lending model, except it incorporates gold rather than USD.  

All customers welcome in all jurisdictions.  Contact us at 304-542-6086 to place your OTC order today or for additional information about our trading products.  Bitcoin.gold is a one of a kind, unique marketplace giving users a critically new crypto product. 

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